Creativity and excercise

January is usually difficult month, too much work and not enough activity.

So here is one more reason(it takes 90 seconds to read) why we shoud move every day:

One thing. OXYGEN!
In a nut shell..... your body needs oxygen for the cells to thrive and your brain chemistry to be switched on... END OF!

Oxygen is the life force flowing through your veins, your body's ability to take oxygen from the air, into your lungs and into red blood cells to be transported around the body is key....
It massively enhances your brain chemistry.
There is a simple formula: More oxygen in the brain, better decision making.

Now who doesn't want to be smarter!

Even 20 minutes can do wonders for your body...

Sort bursts of high intensity can really ramp up your body's ability to utilise oxygen.

However this also depends on another factor - STRESS!
If your stressed, the last thing you need is more stress by training too hard.... So it's really about listening to the body...
Train smarter, not longer.

If you don't have movement as part of your lifestyle, make this the year you get focused.
Don't be giving me I don't have the time excuse.... complete nonsense... What you should say is that it isn't a priority. That I can accept.
Here's what I know:
If you choose to make movement a priority the following will happen:

- Less body fat
- Better productivity
- More motivation in other areas of life
- Higher quality thoughts
- Better organisation
- Higher discipline

The better I train, the better I seem to go work wise..
I'm a creative - I create new ideas and projects from scratch.

I dream up things that haven't been done, I develop them so they can be launched and hand them over to others to launch them...
If it wasn't for movement I'd lack creativity.. End of.

15 min morning workout
2-3 rounds of:
Squats x 12
Push ups x 12
Abs crunches x 15
Lunges x 16
Plank 45 sec.
2 km run.

Thats it...

All the best!


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