1. What results can I expect from working with the coach?

The effects of regular and proper exercise will benefit everyone. The primary goal is to teach you how to perform exercises safely and naturally. Regularity and routine are very important factors to achieve any result.

The next phase:
  • remove muscle imbalances, all those little pains gradually disappear or are reduced
  • develop overall physical fitness, managing stairs or hike in the mountains is not a problem anymore
  • building strength, picking up a heavy shopping or a child will not be so difficult
  • increase in total energy level, you will be able to do daily activities more easily and more efficiently

2. How long does it take to see results?

You see improvement even after the first workout. Staying active is a crucially important for maintaining health and physical or mental well-being. The increase in energy, better sleep and overall well-being will come immediately.
Improvement in physical strength and stamina takes few weeks. Weight Loss requires a total change in lifestyle. It depends on your effort and motivation. But you will not be alone. Our Personal Trainer is there to advise and help you and will inspire you to achieve your goals sucessfully.

3. I have pre-existing injuries or health problems, can I join?

It is very important that we know about all your problems or injuries in advance. Physical activity is beneficial in most cases, depending on problems. We identify the right type and intensity of the exercise if we have right information. It might be necessary to consult your doctor beforehand.

4. What is the cost of personal training?

Price depends on the length of cooperation and form of training. A complete price list can be found in section Offer / Price.

We are the only one providing a complete GUARANTEE OF SATISFACTION. If you are not satisfied with our services, we will refund your money. Am initial consultation, basic fitness test and the first training is, of course, FREE. We want to be sure that personal training is what you are looking for.

5. Where do training sessions take place?

You do not have to go anywhere, we will come to you. Training can be done at your home or garden or in the park. If you want to use the sauna, whirlpool or massage after a workout, we can train in an exclusive private studio in 7SPA, Hlboká cesta, Bratislava.


6. I need to get fit fast, can you help?

We offer a complete solution. If you want to be in shape quickly because of an upcoming wedding, vacation or a marathon, the solution can be an intense training schedule in the city combined with a NaturFit stay in the Tatras.

You can find all informations najdete tu .

7. Other

If you have any questions just call us or sent an e-mail.
info@naturfit.sk, (00421) 915 176 641

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