Chalet Borové

It is located in a captivating, natural environment of the Choč Mountains, near National Park Western Tatras. This is the one of the most attractive parts of Slovakia. Here you can find many typical wooden houses. It is one of the last authentic mountain villages in Slovakia.

West Tatras-Roháče

The Western Tatras are (with maximum height of 2,248 m.) the second highest mountain in Slovakia.

Chočske mountains

Are among the less known Slovak mountains. They are a link between Velka Fatra mountains and West Tatras. Undoubtedly among the visually beautiful mountains in Slovakia at all.

Kvačianska and Prosiecka valley

Prosiecka Valley is about three kilometers long, with limestone walls are sometimes as high as several hundred meters.

Veľké Borové

It is the last village in the valley and home to only about 40 permanent residents. From this picturesque village you can walk to the Prosiecka valley, with beautiful scenery, waterfall and colourful rock formations.

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