Improving or maintaining a physical and mental fitness requires effort and time. Our approach is unique.During your stay we exclusively look after you, your family, friends or business partners. We limit the number of clients to a maximum of 6 per stay to ensure best results and individual attention.You can also choose for how long you will stay with us.

After 3 days you will achieve:

  • increase in your energy level
  • improved sleep
  • slight increase in strength and stamina
  • stress reduction

After 5 days you will experience:

  • improved breathing
  • further increase strength and stamina
  • body tone-up
  • increase creativity and optimism

After 7 days with us:

  • loss of body fat
  • muscle mass gain
  • relief or elimination of minor pains caused by inactive lifestyle
  • intense feeling of optimism and positive attitude

Each of us has a favourite activity and a different physical fitness. Program is prepared in advance and tailor made. In the case of a group, there is always alternative for those who are less fit.

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