NaturFit philosophy

Environment in which we live, work and rest greatly affects our everyday life. From the perspective of evolution, people have spent the past 200,000 years as hunter-gatherers. Each of us had to be strong, fast, and lean in order to survive. We did not need any accessories, equipment or fitness clubs to maintain fitness and health. Nature gives us everything we need. Modern humans live very far from the natural and original way of living. Human development increased the quality of everyone's life. But brings negative aspects as well. Life in large cities, technological environment, lack of exercise, poor quality of the food and polluted air, increasingly causing number of serious physical and psychological problems . The result is obesity, depression, frequent illnesses and a general lack of vitality.

That is why we created NaturFit holidays.

We believe that direct contact with nature, outdoor activities and stay in a quiet and clean environment can restore health and vitality. We offer you a place and training system, in which it is possible to offset the negative consequences of modern life, improve physical fitness, sleep and overall sense of wellbeing. A healthy environment in our chalet and a combination of fitness training and outdoor activities will give you strength and energy. Even small change can bring big results. The true natural state of people is to be strong, healthy, happy and vital.

Do something for yourself, get fit with NaturFit.

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